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About us

Dr. Olivier Coube


With 25 years’s experience in the R&D, Industrial and trade association fields he enjoys creating B2B synergies and bringing people to work together.

About us

    • Dr. Olivier Coube, founder of OCSynergies, has been coordinating for 25 years Projects between Universities, R&D Centres, Industries and Associations. After a PhD Thesis and a position Project Manager in a Fraunhofer Institute in Germany he has worked for a B2B High Performance Materials Company in Austria before joining a UK based European Trade Association of a Metallurgical Sector as Technical Director in 2007.


    • In his position he led several technical sectoral working groups of experts coming from academia and industry during 12 years by the coordination of group meetings, workshops, seminars, surveys, brochures, benchmarking etc.
      In 2009 he launched the concept of Collaborative Projects to improve the synergy between the European Academic and Industrial Members of the Association.


  • In less than 10 years, he coordinated more than 20 collaborative projects. He ensured also an efficient networking in several key organisation at EU levels and negotiated the participation of the Association to several R&D EU projects.